Egg Freezing

“A woman’s fertility desires should not be mutually exclusive to other life choices”

We are committed to affordable fertility preservation, control and choices.
We encourage every woman to start the conversation now irrespective of age, background and social status.
Key Points:
  • Book an appointment – Face to face or Telehealth with Dr Abe. click here’ for free information or Call us on 03 5221 4000
  • Complete simple fertility profile check and bloods tests including egg reserve such as AMH and Antral follicle count on pelvic Ultrasound scan.
  • No waiting times apply on completion of above.
  • Egg retrieval is a safe day procedure with little or no disruptions to your everyday schedule.
  • This is offered at multiple locations in our Monash IVF Melbourne clinics and Geelong.
  • Excellent chances of conception in subsequent years.