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Geelong and Melbourne CBD Fertility

Warrnambool & Ballarat available on request

Geelong Gynaecology Pregnancy

Achieving your dream of starting a family couldn’t be made easier with world-class fertility treatment & support now at your doorstep.

Geelong, Melbourne CBD Fertility provides a comprehensive range of fertility treatments to couples in Victoria for over 5 years with over a hundred babies conceived and with over 75% of couples achieving pregnancies through affordable fertility treatments & the rest through IVF within 6 months.

Now you can even successfully freeze your eggs if you anticipate a delayed start.

To book appointment with Dr Moses Abe for your private & personalized fertility consultation within 2 weeks

please call 03 5221 4000


What’s New?

The following are now provided locally thus no need to travel:

  • Fertility specialist consultation and advanced fertility surgeries and specified procedures
  • Ovulation Induction program and IUI
  • Ultrasound scans for Ovulation Inductions and IVF
  • Blood tests
  • IVF medications
  • Counseling
  • Nurses’ consults